Jan 10 – A Dream Slate for the 78th Assembly District Election

The elections for delegates to the state conventions are taking place this weekend, and the 78 Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) is on Saturday 10 January. The Point Loma Democratic Club has put together an impressive slate that includes John Loughlin who’s helping us with our website. If you’re not coming to our meeting Saturday maybe you, or your friends, can swing by the Marina Village Conference Center in Mission Bay at 10am-12noon to vote for John and their slate that includes Ed Harris who’ll be running for the 78th in 2016. You can also grab a brownie.


Here is the Point Loma Democratic Club Slate for the 78th Assembly District candidates to the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions.


We have put together a dream team of talent, a remarkable group, with broad ranges of experience – the current and future movers and shakers of our city. And they are all Pt Loma Dems, everyone!

Be proud of our Club and show your support by coming out to vote from 10 am to 12 pm, Saturday, January 10, in the Marina Village Conference Center.

It only takes a few minutes to actually vote. And we all know that every vote counts, especially in a small election as this. And serious, intelligent, dedicated people should be representing us at the state level.

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