Jan 21 – San Diego’s Woman’s March – Saturday, January 21, 2017

womansmarchMany women’s groups across the country are organizing a “March on Washington” in January, and for those of you who want to participate, San Diego will have its very own.  The event is a peaceful march, held in “love and light of unity and inclusivity,” that sends a clear message to the new administration that women’s rights are human rights.  According to the organizers, “We are dedicated to a free and open society. Together we stand united in our respect for all people and we resist the marginalization of anyone. As a diverse, inclusive community of compassionate people, we seek to strengthen and continue our commitment to work for the protection of women’s rights.”

The event is scheduled for Saturday, January 21, at 10AM in downtown San Diego, starting at the Civic Center Plaza on Third Ave, goes down Broadway to County Admin Building. [Updated 1/15, thanks Laurel.]

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.  For more information, contact Judy Bambace at (619) 894-1558.

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