President’s Message – May 2017

Nobody asked me but:

An overwhelming  majority of climate scientists  agree that global warming is happening and that  human activity is  the primary cause. Why is it that the handful of so-called scientific papers denying global warming is funded by the fossil fuel industry?

Nobody asked me but:

How  could  the  vast majority of Evangelical Christians vote for a man who has been married  three times, publicly had  an  affair  while married and bragged about groping women’s  genitals (which is a crime). What happened to the party of family values?

Nobody asked me but:

A recent survey found that Norway is the happiest nation on earth. It is also one  of  the least  religious countries  where atheists  outnumber religious people. The  U.S.  ranks  14th in happiness  though we are one of the most religious.

Nobody asked me but:

The  United  States  health  care system  consistently  ranks  last among industrialized nations. Our nation ranks highest in cost, lowest in terms of efficiency, equity  and  outcomes.  Perhaps that  is  one of the reasons so many countries are happier than we are. (See Norway above)

Nobody asked me but:

Why do Republicans accept mandatory auto insurance but object to mandatory health insurance?

Nobody asked me but:

How could Donald Trump in the same interview state Susan Rice committed a crime with no proof and also state he believes Bill O’Reilly is innocent of sexual harassment even though Mr. O’Reilly has settled allegations of sexual misconduct for millions of dollars with at least five women accusers?

Nobody asked me but:

Why do the Klu Klux Klan, white supremacists and other fringe hate groups love Donald Trump? What do they see in him? Is there a connection between the spike of hate crimes against Muslims and Jews since his election?

Nobody asked me but:

With all the chaos swirling around us, it is still wonderful living in beautiful Coronado.

Ron Mandelbaum

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