It has been an honor to serve as your Coronado Democratic Club president for the past two and one-half years. As my term comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on some of the ways our club has grown and changed, and I also wish to look to the future of our club. Since I took office as president, our membership grew by 20 members, to 171. This is not a testament to my popularity; rather it’s because you, the members, have invited your friends and neighbors to check out our club, and they have responded positively because they like our programming and some of our advocacy activities.

We owe a big round of applause to our Vice President and Program Chair, Susan Marrinan, for the interesting and informative programs we have enjoyed over the past year. Together with our friends at the Imperial Beach Democratic Club, we sponsored a forum of candidates for the Board of Supervisors District 1. We collaborated again more recently to hold a forum on ballot measures and candidates for Judge of the Superior Court. Four open countywide seats are up for election; this gives the voters an unusual opportunity to select some of our local judges. 

I’d also like to thank the people who work hard to make our club run smoothly. Our Secretary, Ann Rutherford and Treasurer, Pat Callahan, keep our books and records in top shape. Our Membership Chair, Mercy Mandelbaum, works overtime to make sure our membership roster is as timely and accurate as can be. Patti Flores-Charter chairs our Fourth of July Committee and Scholarship Committee. And, of course, we are grateful to Hospitality Chair Jenna McIntosh and her volunteers for providing the coffee and decadent treats we enjoy at each of our meetings. 

Every meeting, several members come early and stay late to set up and take down the tables and chairs we use for our meetings. These unsung heroes’ (and heroines’) efforts are most appreciated as we couldn’t easily hold our meetings without them! A big thank you to everyone who does the heavy lifting.

Coronado Democratic Club members have been active volunteers in the campaigns of candidates for public office. In 2018, some of our members canvassed for the campaigns of candidates for neighboring Congressional seats. This year, we again have a GO Team whose mission is to maximize the turnout of local Democrats in our elections, and to educate them as to the Party’s endorsed candidates and recommendations on ballot measures.

The San Diego County Democratic Party’s largest fundraising event each year is the Roosevelt Dinner. In 2018 and 2019, the Coronado Democratic Club was well represented and filled a table of 10. This year, I would like to see our club double its representation at this event by filling two tables. 

Our next General Membership Meeting will, of course, be our Blue Wave Brunch. Our Committee has done a great job of organizing the first of what we hope will be our signature annual event. Indications are that this may well be our best-attended meeting ever. I look forward to seeing you there and to welcoming our new officers for 2020.

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