Another July 4th parade and again a “good time was had by all”.

How bad could it be? Bagels and cream cheese (supplied by Judy Bambace), good friends, great weather, stimulating conversation and getting together to demonstrate that there are many active, enthusiastic Democrats in Coronado. We are proud to be participants in the city’s joyous celebration of our country’s birthday.

We had cars, bikes, walkers, riders and lots of enthusiasm. Such a wonderful feeling to be part of this citywide event. Our goals continue to be two fold, first we encourage everyone to work toward keeping our environment healthy and we urge all to support our troops and to hire our veterans as they return to their families, home and community.

Thank you Patti Flores Charter for pulling our group together. How you managed to get us all mobilized, fed and hydrated is remarkable. You only work full time, travel for business and care for your home and family. You are a modern day Super Woman! Great job Patti! Thank you.

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