Yes, it is already time to start thinking about our involvement in the 4th of July parade. It is very important that we participate in this city-wide event.  It is our chance to demonstrate to the community that there are many democrats here  in Coronado and that we have an active, vibrant club  membership.  So start thinking about how you can be a part of this year
s  celebration.

We will need:

Two or three convertibles or electric cars.

Several bicyclists, walkers, children on scooters or wagons etc.

All your family and friends

We will supply the decorations. All youll need to do is let us know how you plan to participate and then pick up whatever supplies you will need at a location to be announced.

 On parade day we encourage everyone to wear any past Democratic Club tee shirt you may have whether you are in the parade or a spectator. So get out those old shirts and get them ready for the big day.

 Further details will be forthcoming but for now if you have questions or already know how you plan to participate contact Jackie Haney at 437-1162 or jshaney@yahoo.com  or Mercy Mandelbaum at 435-1911 or ycrem613@san.rr.com

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