The Coronado Democratic Club supports the California and National Democratic Party’s values and principles, including access to opportunity for all through respectful and equal treatment regardless of race, gender identity, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national origin. We believe in an accountable government that promotes business, supports the American worker, provides equal access to a high-quality education, facilitates the provision of healthcare to all, protects the environment and fights climate change, designs a fair and equitable tax structure, advances the causes of peace, prosperity, and democracy at home and throughout the world and continues the traditions of freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness provided us in the United States Constitution. We are students and retirees, Naval Officers, retired judges, writers, surfers, tradesmen and women, graphic artists, working moms, and dads, stay-at-home moms and dads, and come from all walks of life. The Club has over 225 members and our general meetings are held monthly on Saturday mornings on Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic in the interests of safety. We invite you to join our meetings whether you are a member or “just visiting” to hear great speakers and information on local government and news, great ideas, and political interest. You – and everyone – are invited to join us and hear our speakers and members in a spirit of inclusion and interest in our community. One totally fun highlight of our year is the Club’s participation in the festive and famous annual Coronado Fourth of July Parade. Our members are also active in various special Democratic activities throughout San Diego County. The club’s Grassroots Organizing Team (GO Team) was one of many that helped turn Coronado blue, electing Joe Biden as our 46th President and Kamala Harris as our first female, Black and Asian Vice President, making American history; and turning San Diego County blue in 2020 by electing our own districts first Latina, Nora Vargas to represent San Diego County as a supervisor. In addition, the Coronado GO team was instrumental in phone banking to stop the Republican recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom The Coronado Dems also support with time and money our neighbors in need to demonstrate our generosity of spirit in our community. Whether you’re a resident, a visitor to our beautiful island or you’re serving in the Armed Forces on Coronado, we invite you to come to mingle and meet with some terrific neighbors who share our Democratic values. Please check our Events Calendar for meeting times. All are welcome, always.