We support the values and principles of the California and National Democratic Party including access to opportunity for all through respectful and equal treatment regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin. We believe in an accountable government that promotes business, supports the American worker, provides high quality education, facilitates the provision of healthcare to all, protects the environment, designs a fair tax structure, advances the causes of peace, prosperity and democracy at home and throughout the world and continues the traditions of freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness provided us in the Constitution.

The Club has 150 members and our general meetings are held five times a year (in January, March, May, September and November) on Saturday mornings at the Coronado Public Library (Winn Room) on Orange Avenue. Our meetings feature prominent speakers on topics of general and political interest and the public is always invited.

A highlight of the year is the Club’s participation in the annual Coronado Fourth of July Parade. Our members are also active in various special Democratic activities throughout San Diego County. The club’s Grassroots Organizing Team (GO Team) was one of many that helped turn San Diego County blue in 2008!

Whether you’re a resident, a visitor to our beautiful island or you’re serving in the Armed Forces on Coronado, we invite you to come mingle and meet with some terrific Democrats! Please check our Calendar for meeting times. All are welcome!

Our Distinguished Volunteer Leadership:


President Frank King
Vice President Susan Finlay Marrinan
Secretary Ann Rutherford
Treasurer Patrick Callahan

Communications Peggy Eisen Thayer
GO Team Position Open
Hospitality Jenna McIntosh
Legislation Judy Bambace
Member-at-Large Ron Mandelbaum
Membership Mercy Mandelbaum, Donald Fink
Newsletter Editor Peggy Eisen Thayer
Phone Kathleen Kilby
Special Events Patti Flores Charter