Since this is the final Action Alert before November 6th, I am going to keep the message simple. 

We need to GET OUT THE VOTE. That’s it…just get people to go vote.

Ask all your friends and neighbors to vote and ask them to ask their friends to vote and so on. The key to taking control of the House and possibly even flipping the Senate is voter turnout. We must work together to end voter apathy, especially among those young people (18-35) who failed to turn out and vote in 2016. Send young voters to, an excellent non-partisan website that explains to young voters why they need to show up at the polls.

Ask everyone you encounter if they are going to vote and if they say no, ask them to reconsider. Explain to them our form of government does not work unless everyone votes. By not voting they are letting a minority of eligible voters control both Congress and the White House and also indirectly the Supreme Court.

Be relentless. Make asking everyone to vote part of every conversation you are in and ask every person you speak with about voting to do the same with their neighbors and friends.


If you want to do more to help in other areas of the country, the following websites may be of interest:


If you are looking to get involved in some key nearby races in CA for control of the House of Representatives:




If you prefer to reach out even further to help try to flip the Senate, here are a few key races to choose from. The Democrat is listed first in each of these pairs and an * indicates the incumbent if there is one.

O’Rourke vs. Cruz* in TX         

Bredesen vs. Blackburn in TN  

McCaskill* vs. Hawley in MO   

Rosen vs. Heller* in NV            

Nelson vs. Scott in FL              

Sinema vs. McSally in AZ        

Heitkamp* vs. Cramer in ND    

Donnelly* vs. Braun in IN         

Tester* vs. Rosendale in MT    


Remember, the most important thing you can do to help restore sanity to our federal government is to GET OUT THE VOTE.

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