Running for President

franklin-roosevelt-presserI have run a successful business,
Experienced losing a foot race.
Never requested or received “earmarked funds”.
I consider my lack of exposure to political wars
My most significant qualification.

I fervently believe in motherhood.
Born and raised in Brooklyn I understand conflict.
I have never shot a Polar Bear from a helicopter,
But did own a BB gun as a child.

I believe in justice and the American way.
When elected I will meet with everyone: all 300 million of you,
And visit your houses of worship.
World peace is my pledge.

I will hunt down America’s enemies and destroy them.
I will not accept money from anyone.
Mine is a door to door campaign, I will walk the entire country.

I am unalterably opposed to evil.
I stand for the repeal of estate, income, sales and all other taxes.
Knowing we will be oil dependent forever,
I will give every man, women and child a shovel
And ask you all to join me, “digging to solve our energy concerns”.

Under my administration there will be no medical costs.
All people will be healthy until death.
My economic plan calls for the distribution of $500,000
To all legal residents, assuring prosperity to all.

Every vote is crucial. To assure the security of all ballots
I will review your ballot in the comfort of your home,
And personally deliver it to the tabulation center.

Lets make America great again!
Buy my book, “12 Steps to Having It All”,
An absolute necessity to understanding the bliss we will share,
And a prerequisite to leaving this stadium.

Jerry Greenspan

Feeding the Poor Children

Feeding ChildrenI think almost all Americans support the idea of feeding our poor children. Yet, congress has compromised that simple belief, not because there were no other ways to reduce our national budget. Could we not reduce the government’s support for corporate farmers, or big oil? Could Hedge fund managers pay at least the same rates of taxes that the working people of this country pay?

The Food Stamp program, now called the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP is instrumental in feeding over 16 million children a year, that about 20% of all kids in this country; kids who are part of households of the impoverished. Households of three that will, with the $5 billion reduction to the SNAP program that is now in effect, lose the equivalent of 16 meals a month. That’s about 5 meals a month a child won’t get.

Most of us have known of someone who buys liquor with their SNAP money, or spends it on lottery tickets, rather then on their family. Like you, I think that is awful, and I hope the SNAP program continues to reduce the number of cheats abusing the system. But is it necessary to punish the children and our future?

There are forces in congress looking to cut substantially more from the SNAP budget. Oppose it like it is your child that is being compromised, because in a way it is.

Jerry Greenspan

Student Loan Rates…

Student loansThe first day in July marks a doubling of the interest rate
students have to pay on their tuition loans. It happened
because MIch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority
leader held up his will-not-allow-a-vote card.

That’s the same Mitch McConnell who successfully fought any
reduction in the 2.4 billion dollars given as subsidies to 5 very
successful oil companies in 2012. It would not take any
special insight to forecast that thousands of additional college
students will join the list of people unable to payoff their
student loans.

If we were looking for an outrages example of the rich getting
richer at the expense the middle class, the above should do
nicely. It also suggests that education is not a matter of great
concern to many members of the Senate.

Jerry Greenspan

Healing From Recent Tragedies

I recently took a trip to New Orleans, a city that has certainly had its share of misfortune, destruction and despair. Nearly eight years ago, Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, left a death toll in the thousands, and more than a million people homeless. Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 9.16.08 AMBut as I ate my way through the French Quarter, toured the lovely Garden District and rode the crowded streetcar down St. Charles Avenue, there was little or no evidence of Mother Nature’s wrath. In fact, the city was very much alive, showing its soul and stamina and resilience. With their welcoming ways and winning smiles, the people of New Orleans seemed to be saying, “Thank you for coming and for noticing our strength, resolve and courage. Let the good times roll!”

This remarkable recovery brought to mind another great city – Boston – where terror and chaos and mayhem had recently struck. How could this happen? Why would anybody do this? But once again, many heroes emerged: the uninjured runners and spectators, emergency workers, military personnel and other courageous people who ran toward danger to help strangers in need. Fear and suffering were overcome by bravery and compassion. And once again, the indomitable spirit of the American people could not be broken. When a crisis hits us, our nation will rally. That’s because, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

We can only speculate as to the motives of the two young men who committed this monstrous act. But the lesson we learn, over and over, is that we get through crises and catastrophes together, through sorrow and anger, rehabilitation and recovery because when we work together, we accomplish amazing things.

Judy Bambace

4th Of July is Around the Corner!!!!!

Yes, it is already time to start thinking about our involvement in the 4th of July parade. It is very important that we participate in this city-wide event.  It is our chance to demonstrate to the community that there are many democrats here  in Coronado and that we have an active, vibrant club  membership.  So start thinking about how you can be a part of this year
s  celebration.

We will need:

Two or three convertibles or electric cars.

Several bicyclists, walkers, children on scooters or wagons etc.

All your family and friends

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Keeping the Social Contract


by Jerry Greenspan


When you look down on the broken

Are you surprised that no praise

Is offered up for your continued acceptance

Of their use of free emergency care?


Is it the certainty that the hungry

Waste their food stamps on specialty desserts,

From your local Whole Foods,

That causes you to oppose free food for the needy?


Does the need for an open, honest election

Prompt you to require personal identification

From people unable to meet the requirement

Within the narrow bounds you would allow?


Was the prosperity of the 1990’s

Insufficient for your growing “needs”,

Requiring a furtherance of the already

Disproportionate tax burden borne by others?


Why do you view the social contract,

That ushered in the greatness of America,

A greatness that might be shared by all the people,

An unacceptable weight after 75 years?


When did immigrants ,

A keystone of our continued strength,

Become so terrible a load,

That you wish to refuse them entry?


How is it you did not hesitate to call for war

When rumor of potential weapons,

That we consider essential,

Are believed soon to be available to others?


Have you become so fixed

In your universe

That you oppose any rule,

That strikes a note of charity or understanding?

Is Obama to Blame for Gas Prices?

Is Obama to Blame for Gas Prices?

The hypocrisy of the Conservatives never fails to amaze me and the hypocrisy of blaming President Obama for rising gas prices is no exception!

Gas price under bush went to $4.21 a gallon and was over $3.00 a gallon most of his last term in office.

The only reason gas was at $1.85 when President Obama took office is because of the economic crash which greatly reduced demand and the crash effected all countries not just the US. Gas prices rise with demand and as the economy has improved it is completely normal for gas prices to increase as more businesses use fuel for deliveries, more trucks on the road, more people traveling, and more people driving to work.

So our rising gas price is actually an indicator that the economy is recovering.

We also see a spike when the Libya UN action happened and now with Iran and Israel in a standoff an Syria effecting the region we are seeing another spike as speculators are betting on a war.

Anyone that tries to blame president Obama for higher gas prices is a fool and drilling more oil would not lower the price because we do not have a shortage and oil drilling has quadrupled in the last 4 years and the US is now a net exporter of oil.

So ignore the talking heads and fear monger Conservatives and complain all you want about higher gas prices but don’t blame President Obama!