Lending a Hand

Lending a Hand

The Coronado Democratic Club is known as a group that “Lends A Hand”. Since the 2016 election we have brought hygiene products to Survivors of Torture International and Jewish Family Services, which are groups that work with marginalized members of our community. The club’s next project is with the Iraqi Chaldeans who live in El Cajon.

Within the Chaldean community there is an effort to help people find jobs and engage in job training. A new apprentice program has identified 15 individuals who need proper clothing for professional jobs and or job interviews. To help in this effort, we will collect men’s dress shirts, slacks, shoes, ties and women’s blouses, skirts, slacks, and shoes. A member of the Chaldean community has lined up a tailor to assist in alterations, etc. If you have any of these items you are willing to donate, please bring them in a bag to the September 16 Democratic Club meeting or give Susan Enowitz a call to pick them up, 619-861-5778. Susan will make sure they are delivered.

Today El Cajon has a Chaldean population of over 60,000, which makes this city the home of the second largest Chaldean community in the United States after Detroit. While these refugees have found a safe haven here, the friends or relatives they left behind in Iraq now face what one man calls “a Christian genocide.” New refugees from Syria are landing in El Cajon. Local groups like the Minority Humanitarian Foundation and the Chaldean Democratic Club are doing their best to offer social services. These groups are currently running a campaign to find jobs for refugees and they welcome our help. Won’t you lend a hand?

If you want to learn more about this community and the Chaldean culture, you can visit the exhibit at the New Americans Museum in Liberty Station.



The next general membership meeting will be held on Saturday, September 16 in the Winn Room of the Coronado Library.

Coffee and light snacks will be served at 10:30 am, and the meeting will be called to order at 11:00 am.

Our featured speaker will be Ann Marie Bryan, Professor of World History at Grossmont College. She is also a Coronado High School graduate and staff writer for the Coronado Times.

Prof. Bryan will give a presentation on the Middle East in a historical context.

Kate Lyon from Representative Scott Peters’ office also will be present at our September meeting.

This promises to be an interesting and informative meeting.

Frank King

Dems Celebrate at Our 4th of July Parade

Dems Celebrate at Our 4th of July Parade

We had a blast (no pun intended) marching in the parade. Our banner led the way for members walking, on bikes, and in cars and marchers of all ages! If you missed it this year, there were so people all along the route cheering us on. It was memorable and moving to have that support for our club and party. Below is the script the announcers used as we marched by them.

Coronado Democratic Club is proud to participate in “A Salute to America”. Our Democratic Club strongly supports our military, public schools, equality of all people, religious freedom, and our constitution. The Democratic Club continues to do our part to preserve and respect our natural resources and environment. The Democratic Club shares in your love of our country and the freedoms we stand for.

Next year we will again be out marching and hope you will join us. We can provide rides to and from the parade. We hope to see you there in 2018, a critical year with the mid-term elections!



Our President, Ron Mandelbaum is resigning his office as of September 16, 2017 the date of the next General Meeting. In accordance with our bylaws the board has appointed our Vice-President, Frank King to the office of President and Tom Bernitt to the office of Vice-President effective as of that date.

These appointments must be ratified by the membership, which will be sought at the September 16, 2017 meeting.



Most of our general meetings are on a Saturday morning although once in awhile we do have an event in the evening. We have some members who would like to attend our meetings or events but need transportation. If any member needs a ride to a meeting or event, please do not hesitate to call any of the board members and we will provide transportation for you.

President’s Message – September 2017

President’s Message – September 2017

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will see an article about Frank King, our Vice-President becoming President and Tom Bernitt assuming the Vice-Presidency. For personal reasons, I am resigning as President of the club effective at our general meeting on September 16, 2017. Both Frank and Tom will be excellent in carrying out the duties of these offices. I want to thank both of them for assuming these positions.

When Mercy and I moved to Coronado in 1999, we were told that if we joined the Democratic Club we would probably double the membership. The perception was that there were very few Democrats in Coronado. In reality Coronado had many Democrats but for some reason they chose to keep a low profile.

Fast forward to 2017 and everyone knows there are many, many Democrats in Coronado. In fact one quarter of Coronado’s registered voters are Democrats. Our club has 148 members and we are vocal in our beliefs. We hold regular meetings, which are open to the community. Every year we participate in the July 4th parade. We sponsor debates for the city council and mayoral races as well as educational forums.

As most of you know, I have had the honor for many years of serving the club in various capacities. I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful, thought provoking people who have enriched my life. I intend to still be a part of the club and look forward to sharing more good times with all of you.

– Ron Mandelbaum

Congratulations to our New Go Team Chairperson – Richard McKnight!

Congratulations to our New Go Team Chairperson – Richard McKnight!

Update: Thank you and congratulations to Richard McKnight who has volunteered to be our new GO Team Chairperson!

The Go Team is made up of club volunteers who, prior to elections canvas their voter precinct and contact registered Democrats to answer questions and distribute voting recommendation materials. 

The club extends a big thank you to Tom Bernitt, who ably and enthusiastically served as GO Team chair for the past several election cycles. Through Tom’s efforts, our club put volunteers in many precincts in Coronado and helped elect Democrats to office. This work is vital to our mission.  Tom is unable to continue in this position and the club is now looking for a new GO Team Chair. 

Luckily for us, Don Fink will continue to use his expertise to compile the data gathered from the precinct workers.

The duties of the chairperson are as follows:

1. Connect with GO Team San Diego county/attend meeting(s) and be the contact person between our club and the San Diego Democratic party’s main office.

2. Plan/arrange kick-off meetings and any follow-up meetings as indicated.

3. Provide volunteers with instructions

4. Coordinate material handout

5. Work with Don Fink who is the data-guy.  Help to get materials to him on time (includes dropping work sheets off at his residence)

6. Monitor progress throughout the election cycle

7. Understand how to work the GO Team website

8. Attend club board meetings to update board on GO Team progress  

Coronado’s Annual Independence Day Parade

Coronado’s Annual Independence Day Parade


Patti (and friend) at last year’s Parade.

Theme “A Salute to America”

Yes, it’s time to mark your calendar to join your club in Coronado’s Fourth of July parade.

When you participate in this city-wide event, we demonstrate to our community that there are many democrats here in Coronado and that we have an active, vibrant club.  So plan now to be a part of this year’s celebration. You, your family and friends can join the fun by:

1. Riding bicycles, walking  (children on scooters or wagons are welcome)

2. Riding in electric cars or convertibles

We will supply the decorations. All you’ll need to do is RSVP (see below) and then pick up the festive decorations during the week before the parade at 442 I Ave, Coronado.

We are assigned number 90 in the parade.
Where: We’ll meet on G Ave., between 2nd and 3rd
When: 10 am on July, 4th

We will supply the decorations for bikes, cars, and walkers. Pick up decorations beginning Tuesday, June 27 from Patti’s porch at 442 I Ave, Coronado. Return the decorations to Patti after the parade or return them to her home no later than July 7th.

On parade day we encourage everyone to wear any past Democratic Club tee shirt you may have whether you are in the parade or a spectator. So get out those old shirts and get them ready for the big day.

If you need to ride in a car, want to RSVP, and/or have questions, contact Patti Flores-Charter at (H) 437-1952 (C) 206-7450 or ccnado@san.rr.com

Remember to use plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat.

We’ll have bagels and water. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in the parade on the 4th!

Lending a Hand

Lending a Hand

The Coronado Democratic Club’s collection of toiletries for Survivors of Torture, International was a big success. Thanks to the generosity of club members, we donated enough toiletries to fill two car trunks and more than $250 in cash. Survivors is very grateful for these much-needed supplies.

Our next program will help refugees by delivering items to Jewish Family Service’s refugee resettlement program. JFS is one of nine national refugee agencies that works with the U. S. Department of State, and since 2005, has resettled approximately 3800 refugees in the San Diego area. The program works with refugees of all religions.

Please bring the following donations to the Mandelbaum home 544 Glorietta Blvd. or to the next Democratic Club meeting on May 17 in the Winn Room. For large items or questions, contact Jean Seager 619 435-8130 or jhseager@gmail.com. You can access more information about JFS by visiting their website at jfssd.org

• Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, men’s and women’s razors, hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine hygiene products, lotion, and Q-tips and especially toilet paper.

• Baby items – diapers, baby clothing, bibs.

• Cleaning supplies – dish soap, bathroom/kitchen cleaner, sponges, cleaning rags, paper towels, laundry detergent, wastebaskets, mops, brooms, buckets, trash bags, trash cans.

• Furnishings – kitchen/dining table with chairs, pots/pans, dishes, utensils.

• Gift cards – preferably Walmart or Visa in any amount to be given directly to the refugees.

There are now more displaced persons in the world than at any time in history, including the era immediately after World War II. In the midst of the crisis, President Trump denigrates refugees and threatens to refuse them entry our country. These people have endured incredible hardship and have waited an average of 18 to 24 months for permission to come to America. Let’s welcome them by lending a hand and donating supplies that will make their lives easier. Thank you. 

President’s Message – May 2017

President’s Message – May 2017

Nobody asked me but:

An overwhelming  majority of climate scientists  agree that global warming is happening and that  human activity is  the primary cause. Why is it that the handful of so-called scientific papers denying global warming is funded by the fossil fuel industry?

Nobody asked me but:

How  could  the  vast majority of Evangelical Christians vote for a man who has been married  three times, publicly had  an  affair  while married and bragged about groping women’s  genitals (which is a crime). What happened to the party of family values?

Nobody asked me but:

A recent survey found that Norway is the happiest nation on earth. It is also one  of  the least  religious countries  where atheists  outnumber religious people. The  U.S.  ranks  14th in happiness  though we are one of the most religious.

Nobody asked me but:

The  United  States  health  care system  consistently  ranks  last among industrialized nations. Our nation ranks highest in cost, lowest in terms of efficiency, equity  and  outcomes.  Perhaps that  is  one of the reasons so many countries are happier than we are. (See Norway above)

Nobody asked me but:

Why do Republicans accept mandatory auto insurance but object to mandatory health insurance?

Nobody asked me but:

How could Donald Trump in the same interview state Susan Rice committed a crime with no proof and also state he believes Bill O’Reilly is innocent of sexual harassment even though Mr. O’Reilly has settled allegations of sexual misconduct for millions of dollars with at least five women accusers?

Nobody asked me but:

Why do the Klu Klux Klan, white supremacists and other fringe hate groups love Donald Trump? What do they see in him? Is there a connection between the spike of hate crimes against Muslims and Jews since his election?

Nobody asked me but:

With all the chaos swirling around us, it is still wonderful living in beautiful Coronado.

Ron Mandelbaum