SPECIAL EVENT: Learn to Write a Letter to the Editor

SPECIAL EVENT: Learn to Write a Letter to the Editor

Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 2 pm

How many of us have been inspired to write a letter to the editor? Maybe we’ve sat down a typed a beginning but weren’t sure how to proceed. Or perhaps we’ve sent one in and were disappointed when it wasn’t published.

If you want some instructions as to how to write a publishable letter, zoom into the Coronado Democratic Club’s tutorial. Club member Jean Seager will give you some tips.

This special event will occur on Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 2 pm and will last approximately 45 minutes.


General Meeting, Saturday, Feb. 27

General Meeting, Saturday, Feb. 27

The meeting starts with a social half-hour at 10:30 am with the meeting being called to order at 11 am. You must pre-register at: 

The link to all of our meetings and events can be found on our Events Calendar on our website, 

Our speaker Saturday, Kathay Feng, is Common Cause’s National Redistricting Director. Feng has led Common Cause’s work to challenge partisan and incumbent gerrymandering, through litigation, state-based organizing around ballot initiatives and legislation and creating new platforms for community-based redistricting. As Executive Director of California Common Cause, she championed and won election and redistricting reforms, stronger government sunshine and accountability laws, campaign finance reforms, stronger net neutrality laws, and the voting rights of traditionally disenfranchised communities. Kathay is the architect of California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission, leading the multi-year effort to study, write, and pass the two initiatives, Propositions 11 and 20, that created the commission and new community-focused process. She also led efforts that secured passage of California laws bringing online voter registration and same day registration (called conditional voter registration) to the state.

November 21st General Meeting

November 21st General Meeting

“What’s Next”

This will be a panel discussion led by Brian Trotier on what is currently happening now the election is over. Panelists will be Peter Bolland and Jon Sinton.

Peter Bolland is Chair of the Philosophy & Humanities Department at Southwestern College and is one of the members of California’s electoral college voters. He is well known for his thoughtful insights on local, state, and national politics.

Jon Sinton is a media entrepreneur and writer who founded Air America Radio, the network that discovered Rachel Maddow (among others). He is the former head of Common Cause in Georgia and now resides in the Cays and writes op-eds for the Coronado Eagle & Journal.

All are invited to attend this event sponsored by the Coronado Democratic Club. Everyone, including club members, MUST register to attend this event.

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UPDATE: The Coronado Democratic Club is completely out of Biden-Harris yard signs. 

There are two sources where signs may be available:

Scott Peters Office is delivering Biden-Harris signs along with a Scott Peters sign. Contact Shaina Tigar at shaina@scottpeters.com

The County Democratic Party has some for a $25 contribution:sddemocrats.org

The Coronado Democratic Club has distributed over 
215 Biden-Harris yard signs as a member benefit. We are working to support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. 



Buul Dr. Abdimalik Buul

Coffee Talk #4: Racism: What’s Really Going On…And What Can We Do?

In this 4th session, Abdimalik Buul will provide participants with a safe, interactive space to learn, develop and share practical tools for identifying and transcending forms of bias, microaggressions, racism and begin to prepare us as change agents. He will start by defining its source and how it manifests. Dr. Buul will introduce a systematic approach utilizing a social justice, race-conscious framework to assist participants in unearthing bias and harm and planting seeds of justice to produce fruits of accountability and equity. A survey will be sent to our members as a pre-assessment to discover prior knowledge for customized responses.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Abdimalik Buul is an anti-racist scholar, theorist of curriculum trauma, and emancipatory educator. An immigrant refugee from Somalia, he came to the United States at the age of 5 He completed his bachelor’s degree from SDSU in Sociology and a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on community-based counseling and social justice. He completed his doctorate work in Educational leadership from the University of Southern California. He is an assistant professor at San Diego city college. He serves as a board president for Markaz al Madina, a community-based non-profit, a board member at large for African American Male and Educational Development Network (A2mend), and Vice President of the board for the United Taxi Drivers Union in San Diego. He was the first Somali ever hired as a tenure track faculty member at Southwestern College.



On August 15, 2020, the Coronado Democratic Club endorsed the following candidates for election November 3, 2020.  We are proud to endorse:
School Board:  Whitney Antrim is endorsed for the CUSD Board 
Superior Court: Tim Nader is endorsed for Superior Court, Office #30.  
The candidate’s websites are:
Whitney Antrim: whitneyantrim.org
Tim Nader: timnader.org
The Club wishes both candidates success in their races. These endorsements are by the Coronado Democratic Club only and are not to be construed as a SDCDP or CDP endorsement.
General Meeting 8.15.2020

General Meeting 8.15.2020

View the Video: Coronado Police Chief Kaye who was our guest speaker. Chief Kaye discussed how the Coronado PD is handling bias calls (aka the Karen calls) in Coronado and what we, as citizens, can do to help PD with this evolving issue. He also shared the latest information on what the PD is doing to enforce the then-current public health orders to help avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Hear from two candidates seeking club endorsement:

Whitney Antrim:  Coronado Unified School District Board

Tim Nader:  San Diego Superior Court, Office number 30.

View the Video

Action Alert August 2020

Action Alert August 2020

Let’s suppress voter suppression.

In the wake of John Lewis’s death, let’s honor his life by turning toward an issue that he was willing to die for: voting rights. It’s as relevant today as it was when Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1964.

In the swing state of Florida, Amendment 4, which in 2019 gave felons the right to vote, passed with 65% of the vote. Since that time, the Florida legislature passed a law that requires felons to pay all fines and fees before voting. The hefty fees, along with a state system that often does not know how much must be paid, will prevent these people from voting. As of now, the courts have upheld the law. What can we do?
Visit the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s website. https://floridarrc.com/about/
They are collecting money to pay the fees owed by felons.

The NBA fans in our membership will be happy to know that LeBron James’ group, More than a Vote, is donating money to the Florida Rights Coalition.

Another voting rights organization worthy of a look is Fair Fight https://fairfight.com/about-fair-fight/
Founded by Stacy Abrams, it works in Georgia and nationwide to secure and maintain voting rights. You can get on their email list and/or donate.

Do you have friends in the swing states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Texas? If so, you can contact them to be sure they know everything they need to know to exercise their right to vote. At vote.org they will find voting information for every state. Voters can check their registration, polling places, and regulations about absentee voting and vote by mail.

Let’s suppress voter suppression.

Rest in peace, John Lewis. This one’s for you.

Notice of General Meeting and Notice of Endorsement Votes

Coronado Dems Logo_PET_1200x1200-01

August 15, 2020
10:30 – 11:00 Social Time
11:00 – 12:30 General Meeting, via zoom

Join us to hear from Coronado Police Chief Kaye who will be our guest speaker. Chief Kaye will discuss how the Coronado PD is handling bias calls (aka the Karen calls) in Coronado and what we, as citizens, can do to help PD with this evolving issue. He will also share the latest information on what the PD is doing to enforce the then-current public health orders to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. Finally, he will take a few questions after his presentation from the group.

Join us to hear from two candidates seeking our club endorsement:

Whitney Antrim:  Coronado Unified School District Board

Tim Nader:  San Diego Superior Court, Office number 30.


Coronado Democratic Club events can be found on our Calendar of Events and include a link to the zoom meeting.
Coronado Democratic Club Calendar of Events


PART 3: Equal Justice Series


Your Special Events Committee has put together the 3RD in our monthly series of Equal Justice Workshops. The purpose is self-education and effective participation in the movement. We hope that our members will “jump in” and participate in the most unprecedented movement of our time.

Part 3:

Coffee Talk: Unequal Justice — The Need for Police Reform and How to Accomplish It

Saturday, August 8, 2020

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Via Zoom

The brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has resulted in an awakening to the reality of systemic racism and unnecessary police violence in the United States. In the aftermath of this tragic incident, calls for major reforms in police departments throughout the country abound.

In this session, we will discuss racial inequities and culture of unnecessary force and violence that for years has dominated policing in America. We will also discuss potential reforms – what changes are necessary, and how we might transform policing to begin to establish a relationship of trust between all communities and racial groups and the police officers who are paid to serve and protect them.

Mike Marrinan, Civil Rights Lawyer

For over 30 years Mike’s law practice has been devoted to representing victims of police misconduct and abuse. He will share his insights and invite your thoughts and questions.
See Calendar of Events for a link to join via zoom


Upcoming Presentations:

September        Health Care and Mental Health Care

October             Housing Reform

For more information and/or input, or to join our committee contact:  Patti Flores-Charter at (619) 206-7450.