Coronado Democratic Club Strategic Plan

(Approved by Board on December 13, 2021)

Goal: Grow and engage our membership, especially young (35-60) and diverse members

Reach our goal through these tactics:

Tactic #1: Provide sociable, fun things to do together, including at least two activities that include adults and their children

Tactic #2: Provide at least one action/activity from each of the four issues identified in the survey: environment, voting rights, diversity/inclusion, and criminal justice reform

Tactic #3: Raise our visibility within Coronado and enhance our image as a contributing member of the community by volunteering or partnering with one or two organizations that reflect our values and welcome our help

Carry out the tactics through these actions:

Tactic #1 “Community-building social events”

Action: Continue all the current adult-focused activities done throughout the year:

  • Coffee in the Cays
  • Holiday Happy Hour
  • Blue Wave Brunch
  • Softball game
  • 4th of July parade

Action: Sponsor “Skating by the Sea” family event at the Hotel del Coronado (Winter event)

Action: Hold a family beach outing with food and games at either the fire rings or the City’s Coronado Boathouse with rental kayaks/paddle boards (Spring/Summer event)

Tactic #2: “Engagement with issues important to our members”


Action: Organize members to provide input to Coronado City Council regarding the City’s Climate Action Plan, including any of these components:

  • Encourage/subsidize composting
  • Install electric car charging stations
  • Water conservation
  • Recycling expanded
  • Sea-level rise awareness and mitigation
  • Water bottle refill stations
  • Public transportation expansion
  • Encourage City Council to join CCA

Action: Volunteer with Emerald Keepers (see Tactic #3)

  • Beach cleanups
  • Encourage various environmental measures that reduce waste through reduce/recycle/reuse

Voting rights

Action: Work with Coronado High School Democratic Club to register/preregister students ages 16-18


Action: Translate President’s message in club newsletter to Spanish each month

Action: Link website and calendar to InclusioNado local cultural events calendar

Action: Continue GO Team activity in Barrio Logan, National City and Chula Vista

Action: Act as liaison with InclusioNado on CUSD school board concerns

Action: Act as liaison with San Diego Education Alliance of Democratic Clubs on CUSD school board concerns

Action: Hold “Circle Conversations” in the park to create awareness of local diversity/inclusion/school board topics

Criminal Justice reform

Action: Get to know our Coronado Police Department through a program at a general meeting, a special event, a “social meeting” in conjunction with a tour of the Coronado Police Department facility, or a Ride Along with Patrol Officers

Action: Connect with Justin Brooks and the Innocence Project to determine how we can help. Schedule a speaker on Criminal Justice Reform at a general meeting; have a series on Equal Justice as a special event; hold a “movie night” to watch films (e.g., “Just Mercy”) followed by a discussion; and provide a reading list on this topic

Action: Have presentations/panel discussions/field trips on the various restorative justice courts such as Mental Health Court, Drug Court, Veterans’ Court and Homeless Court

Tactic #3: “Raise our visibility and enhance our image as a contributor to the community”

Action: Volunteer with Emerald Keepers

  • Promote their events to our members

Action: Partner with Safe Harbor

  • Get our name on their materials
  • Promote their events to our members

Other considerations

In everything we do, develop and use consistent branding

In everything we do, reach out to high school student clubs (Environment Club, Feminist Club, Democratic Club, Asian Club), listen to their concerns and issues, and invite them to get involved with us.


Calculate the change in number of members and average age from baseline (average of members 2020/2021) to end of 2022. Express in absolute numbers and as a percentage.

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