Coronado GO Team Newsletter

This summer, the GO Team worked closely with the San Diego County Democratic Party and the Newsom for Governor campaign to stop the Republican recall. We are pleased that we were able to defeat the recall so convincingly that the Republicans couldn’t make credible claims that the election was “rigged.” Moreover, we hope that they will be discouraged from further attempts to waste the taxpayers’ money by recalling elected office holders without cause in the future.

For this special election, the SDCDP GO Team was organized differently than has been our practice in regular primary and general elections. Phone and text banking were coordinated directly by the Newsom campaign and Swing Left. This enabled the GO Team leadership to concentrate on canvassing in selected neighborhoods to get out the vote. Local leaders hosted canvassing events throughout the county, giving volunteers opportunities to walk precincts in neighborhoods besides their own. On Saturday, August 28, the Coronado GO Team hosted a Day of Action that attracted not only 20 Coronado Democratic Club members, but also volunteers from other areas. Our Member of Congress, Scott Peters, was on hand to help kick off our event. Many of our volunteers participated in multiple Days of Action, and we are grateful for their efforts.

As of this newsletter publication deadline, San Diego County voters overwhelmingly voted against the recall, 58.1% No and 41.9% Yes. 1,002,412 of 1,971,326 eligible voters cast ballots; there are 185,000 projected outstanding ballots remaining to be counted.

Coronado has a reputation of being an extremely conservative, predominantly Republican city. Thanks to the efforts of our Coronado Democratic Club and our GO Team, and based on the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections as well as the 2021 recall election, we now may consider our city to be purple. Accordingly, here is the precinct-by-precinct breakdown of how Coronado voters cast their votes in the recall election:

The above results are subject to update as outstanding ballots are counted and reported. But we may conclude that Coronado is indeed a purple, or swing, city where turning out our voters will make a big difference in municipal and school board elections. We have some very important ones coming up, and our GO Team hopes to have an impact on the outcome.

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