County Supervisor Redistricting

THIS IS IMPORTANT: redistricting is underway in San Diego County.

Every ten years, the County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) uses the results of the Federal Census to determine our county’s district boundaries — boundaries that can have a huge impact on voters and elections.

With so much on the line in 2022, it’s crucial the IRC has as much information as possible when drawing these districts. Click here to learn more about redistricting and how you can get involved.

The work to build a representative government doesn’t end on Election Day.

Participating in redistricting is a key way to ensure that San Diegans’ voices are heard and historically excluded populations are a part of the conversation.

From attending a meeting and submitting public comment to contacting the 14-member commission via email, phone, or mail — there are a lot of ways you can help shape the future of San Diego County.

Redistricting is underway NOW. Be sure and take action on this before the end of the week. Don’t wait.

 The County of San Diego Redistricting Commission needs the input of Coronado Residents. The Commission hasn’t heard from us.  Do we like where we are in D1? What is our community of interest? A community of interest is a neighborhood, community, or group of people who have common policy concerns and would benefit from being maintained in a single district. When considering community interest, think about environmental concerns such as the Tijuana River sewage spills, air pollution, sea rise vulnerability, climate action plans, marine life, ocean water pollution, and traffic issues.  What are the community concerns which affect our way of life in this community?  

What issues do we share in common with our neighbors? What makes us unique? Local community members need to speak up.

Which District should Coronado be in? 

Draft Map 1.    Draft Map 2.    Draft Map 3.     Draft Map 4.    Draft Map 5.  

Here are some links. You can contact the County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission via phone, mail or e-comment here
If you want to share your community of interest, you can use the Community Builder Tool or submit via phone, mail, or e-comment.
If you want to draw your own district map, you can use the District Scenario Modeler or submit via phone, mail or e-comment. 
District Scenario Modeler

The County of San Diego IRC is currently in the Draft Map development phase. Here are some upcoming meeting dates
Draft Map Public Hearing & IRC Regular Meeting Monday, November 1 5:00 pm Location TBD (30-day period between draft map public hearings begins) • FLO presents 1st revised Draft Maps and new public maps. • IRC Instructs FLO re: changes to 1st revised Draft Maps
IRC Special Meeting November 13 Time & Location TBD  • FLO presents 2nd revised Draft Maps and new public maps. • FLO facilitates live Draft Maps changes at instruction of IRC/Live Scenario Modeling • IRC narrows Draft Maps for further development. • IRC instructs FLO re changes to 2nd revised Draft Maps • FLO begin coordinating with Special Counsel for legal review of 3rd revised Draft Map
Draft Map Public Hearing & IRC Special Meeting Thursday, December 2 5:00 pm Location TBD . • FLO presents 3rd revised Draft Maps, new public maps & ROV comments. • IRC receives report of Special Counsel on 3rd revised Draft Maps • FLO facilitates live Draft Maps changes at instruction of IRC/Live Scenario Modeling • IRC selects preferred Draft Maps
IRC Regular Meeting Thursday, December 9 5:30 pm County Administration Center 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 302 San Diego, CA 92101 . • IRC selects Draft Map for adoption. • Recommend Map be posted for 7 days before
IRC Special Meeting Tuesday, December 14 2:00 pm County Operations Center 5520 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123  • IRC approves Final Report. Wednesday, December 15 N/A • Statutory deadline for IRC to file Adopted Map and Final Report with Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

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