We had a blast (no pun intended) marching in the parade. Our banner led the way for members walking, on bikes, and in cars and marchers of all ages! If you missed it this year, there were so people all along the route cheering us on. It was memorable and moving to have that support for our club and party. Below is the script the announcers used as we marched by them.

Coronado Democratic Club is proud to participate in “A Salute to America”. Our Democratic Club strongly supports our military, public schools, equality of all people, religious freedom, and our constitution. The Democratic Club continues to do our part to preserve and respect our natural resources and environment. The Democratic Club shares in your love of our country and the freedoms we stand for.

Next year we will again be out marching and hope you will join us. We can provide rides to and from the parade. We hope to see you there in 2018, a critical year with the mid-term elections!

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