Feeding ChildrenI think almost all Americans support the idea of feeding our poor children. Yet, congress has compromised that simple belief, not because there were no other ways to reduce our national budget. Could we not reduce the government’s support for corporate farmers, or big oil? Could Hedge fund managers pay at least the same rates of taxes that the working people of this country pay?

The Food Stamp program, now called the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP is instrumental in feeding over 16 million children a year, that about 20% of all kids in this country; kids who are part of households of the impoverished. Households of three that will, with the $5 billion reduction to the SNAP program that is now in effect, lose the equivalent of 16 meals a month. That’s about 5 meals a month a child won’t get.

Most of us have known of someone who buys liquor with their SNAP money, or spends it on lottery tickets, rather then on their family. Like you, I think that is awful, and I hope the SNAP program continues to reduce the number of cheats abusing the system. But is it necessary to punish the children and our future?

There are forces in congress looking to cut substantially more from the SNAP budget. Oppose it like it is your child that is being compromised, because in a way it is.

Jerry Greenspan

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