The purpose of the GO Team is to maximize the turnout of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents in the election. This year, we’re canvassing local precincts in both the Primary and General Elections. Our objective is to contact every Democratic household, encourage them to vote and provide them with an official slate of Democratic Party recommendations on candidates for office and measures submitted to the voters. A door hanger is left at each house, regardless of whether someone answers the door.

Most voters have made up their minds on whom they wish to vote for president (the Party doesn’t endorse candidates for president in the primary) and Congress, but they often need some help with their decision on the “down-ballot” races—those for mayor, city council, school boards, water district boards and judges. Our voters, including the affluent, highly educated ones in Coronado, actually appreciate getting the party recommendations because these may be the only information they get about many of the candidates or measures.

Canvassing for the GO Team is fun, and it’s a great way to meet your neighbors, make new friends and recruit new members to the club. During my canvassing, I even found a new GO Team volunteer!

The Coronado Democratic Club GO Team is finishing up its canvassing for the 2020 Primary Election. With a total of 21 of us walking precincts or canvassing by phone, we’ve got a lot of Coronado covered. For the 2020 General Election in November, we’ll be back in the streets in early October, hopefully in even greater numbers. With our momentum, we’re making the Republicans an endangered species—even in Coronado!

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