The GO Team is our San Diego County Democratic Party’s volunteer-driven campaign to get Democrats to vote and to educate our Democratic voters as to the Party’s endorsed candidates and positions on ballot measures. GO Team is the most important and effective means we have to maximize Democratic voter turnout. A number of our members have signed up to volunteer for the GO Team, but frankly we could use many more. 

As a coordinator, my area of responsibility is Coronado. Each volunteer is a Neighborhood Leader. We try to assign each Neighborhood Leader the precinct in which he or she lives, so you’ll be calling on your neighbors — not the Republicans, just the Democrats and those independents who tend to vote Democratic. 

If you have canvassed as a GO Team member in the past, you’ll recall that you used a printed walking list on which you made some annotation after each call. This year, you’ll have the option of using your smart phone to display your list, and you’ll be able to record your results and update the database in real time. This saves us the need for someone to perform data entry from the notes on the printed sheets. Of course, volunteers who prefer the printed lists may use them.

In Coronado, we have many residents who live in security buildings that are not accessible to walking GO Team volunteers. We also have among our club members some who prefer to phone bank rather than walk precincts. We’ll try to match our telephone volunteers with the voters who reside in security buildings.

This being a presidential election year, we’ll have our primary election on March 3, also known as Super Tuesday. We will have our GO Team kickoff meeting sometime in the latter half of January. The date is dependant in part on when the County Party will have completed our resources, including walking lists and those all-important slate hangers. I hope to be able to announce the date, time and place during our January 11 meeting. We want to begin our canvassing as soon as the vote-by-mail ballots are sent out to the voters.

If you haven’t yet volunteered for the GO Team, please do so either at the January 11 meeting or by emailing me at

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