InclusioNado Call to Action: End Bullying

Help end bullying of young girls, students of color, and LGBTQ+ students in our community by sharing your voice after reading this!

InclusioNado builds community awareness in an effort to end bullying in school, on-line and in sports. After listening to Coronado students who have experienced bullying, we recommend five concrete actions the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) can take to end bullying:

  • In-person bullying is as hurtful as cyberbullying. InclusioNado has asked CUSD to make in-person bullying a Level 4 offense — on par with cyberbullying. Currently, in-person bullying is considered a lesser offense at a Level 3 in the CUSD Discipline Action Guide (DAG). The CUSD Board can make this change to demonstrate in-person bullying is a serious offense.
  • Since sports is an arena where racial and gender slurs and harassment continue to happen, InclusioNado has asked the Superintendent and the CUSD Athletic Director to require all coaches to enforce consistent discipline when players use racial, ethnic or gender slurs or harass their own teammates or other players. The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Code of Ethics, which outlines good sportsmanship, must be upheld in order for schools to be eligible to compete in CIF sports.
  • CUSD staff must create a summary of the DAG that is age appropriate and easy to read and must post it on all four school campuses and websites.
  • CUSD staff must make it clear in writing which trained professional to contact if a student is bullied, and outline the process to follow so a victim knows when they will hear back from the school. This notice must be posted on all four school websites and in every school.
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