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We are so excited that you have taken the first step to take action and get involved. Our club has myriad offerings, but we are always looking for dynamic members that can help us advance our objectives. In addition to becoming active in club events, you can help us by disseminating our message to your friends in the community and elsewhere.

As the oldest Democratic Club in San Diego, the CORONADO DEMOCRATIC CLUB proudly supports Democrats in San Diego County, California, and across the country! We support the values and principles of the Democratic Party – including the conviction that all Americans should have fair access to opportunity, through respectful and equal treatment regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin.

The club organizes events and activities – like participation in our city’s famous annual 4th of July parade – to raise community awareness and support for Democratic issues and upcoming elections.

Our regular bimonthly meetings feature knowledgeable, entertaining speakers discussing subjects of concern to all of us. We also organize other community events throughout the year, such as candidate forums, volunteer activities, and social gatherings.

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When you hit Submit you will be taken to a secure payment site, we don’t store any of your payment details.

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