Monthly Meeting Minutes



JUNE 26, 2021, 11 a.m.

Virtual Meeting on Zoom

  1. Call to Order by President Susan Marrinan at 11:00 a.m. 33 people were present on Zoom at this time.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Moment of Silence to acknowledge all the victims of COVID
  4. President Address: Susan Marrinan spoke about the recent tortilla incident at the CHS State Championship basketball game. She issued a public statement to the press stating we stand for democratic values, regardless of individual differences in opinions. She read a statement regarding the incident from a parent urging us to be careful of what we see on social media.
  5. Adoption of the Agenda:  adopted as presented
  6. Introduction of Elected Officials and Guests:
    1. Whitney Antrim, CUSD Trustee, introduced herself.
    2. Doug Case phoned on behalf of Toni Atkins: She are tied up with a housing bill issue, but sends her best.
    3. Yahir Ybarra: winner of 2021 JFK scholarship spoke about his plans to be a computer engineer and his work for the Sun newspaper (college), how he learned English as a second language and his career goals, including his transfer to UCSD.
  7. Approval of Minutes of April 24, 2021, as distributed, approved
  8. Treasurer’s Report: presented by President Susan Marrinan
  9. Reports of Standing Committees
    a. Programs: presented by Vice President Brian Trotier – There will be no general meeting in July. Hope to have in-person at the Winn Room in August. He is working to determine what is going on locally, state-wide, and nationally and to get speakers on timely issues.

         Guest Speaker:   DIANE BENSCOTER

    Diane Benscoter is the founder of and the author of Shoes of a Servant – My Unconditional Devotion to a Lie. She is a speaker and workshop facilitator. She owned and operated a business serving the technology industry for much of her adult life. Drawing from her own experience inside a religious cult and later as a deprogrammer, Diane came to realize the need for an organization that recognizes psychological manipulation as a public health problem. Her experience in the technology industry informs her understanding of the need to utilize technology, and especially social media, to reach those who are most at risk of being taken advantage of. The antidote is the result of her many years of effort to find a comprehensive solution to the problem of psychological manipulation. Diane is determined to build a solution that is proportional to the dangerous and harmful effects these deceptive tactics have on individuals, families, and society at large. She urged everyone to look at the problem playing out throughout this country threw a lens of psychological manipulation.

    b. Membership: presented by Mercy Mandelbaum, Donald Fink (co-chair) who reported we have 220 members.
    c. Special Events: The 4th of July parade is on the 3rd. The CDC will be marching and information was given to all present. Donna Manning reported the next Social Justice series presentation will be on Race and Housing in America on Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 10:30 am via zoom. Read the “Color of Law” for more information on this topic. She also reported the Phone Banking group will pick up for VA legislative primaries.
  10. Reports of Special Committees
    1. Strategic Planning: presented by Judy Bambace and Gail Bardin that they are going through the results of the survey. They will meet with the CDC Board at the July 12th meeting and will speak in detail about the results.
    2. Outreach: presented by Laura Wilkinson Sinton who thanked everyone for supporting the CHS garden and Lambs Theater. She is working on a date for Lambs reopening for the CDC.
  11. Good of the Order and Open Mic:
    1. Courtenay McGowan spoke and discussed the 4th of July parade and logistics. There were some negative responses from a few announcers towards the CDC marchers, which will be addressed. Also, the Mingei International Museum will open soon. Please visit.
    2. Mary Thom spoke and stated that Spreckles Center is now open. It’s going to be different with more activities.
  12. Announcements: 
    1. The Roosevelt dinner is July 31, 2021. This is a Democratic party fundraiser. Tickets are $100 each. It is a Zoom event unless you are invited to an in-person event. They are encouraging house parties. If you want to invite people, it is $1000 and you get swag. Smaller accommodations (6 people) can happen also. Let Susan know that you are doing this because sending a list to party HQ letting them know everyone on Coronado doing this
    2. Regarding our Webmaster, Peggy Thayer is stepping back. The CDC might hire a web content master part time. We need to keep our website current.
    3. The Board will meet at the CHA conference room on July 12, 2021 at 7 pm.
  13. Adjourn: 12:31 p.m.

            Respectfully Submitted,

Alexia E. Palacios-Peters, Secretary