Nominating Committee Announces 2022-2024 Slate of Officers

In accordance with the club’s bylaws, the Board appointed a Nominating Committee at its January Board meeting, consisting of the following members: Judy Bambace, Gail Bardin, Ann-Marie Bryan, Akshay Sateesh, and Bill Seager.  The Nominating Committee met to develop a slate of officers – President and Vice-President — for the coming two-year term.  After designating Judy Bambace as its Chair, the five Committee members unanimously agreed to nominate Marely Ramirez for President.  In discussing its nomination for Vice-President, the Committee, in compliance with the bylaws, asked Bill Seager to leave the room pending consideration of him for that office.  After further discussion, the four remaining Committee members unanimously agreed to nominate Bill Seager for Vice-President. The Nominating Committee made its report to the Board at the February Board meeting.

The election of officers by club voting members will be held at the general meeting (Blue Wave Brunch) on March 19.

Here are our amazing candidates:     

Marely Ramirez for President

Marely has a B.S. in Computer Science from San Diego State University and had a successful professional career as a software engineer, advancing to project manager leading global development teams for a Fortune 500 cyber security software company. Her leadership experience guiding these international engineering teams made her value the importance of diversity and inclusion to address complex issues and achieve superior outcomes.

Her grassroots leadership roles began five years ago during the inhumane family separation policies of the Trump Administration. Her trajectory included working with international efforts, bi-national, national, state and local organizations including San Diego Indivisible groups. For almost three years, she participated with other District 52 Indivisible leaders in quarterly meetings with Congressman Scott Peters to discuss community issues.

In addition to these regional efforts, she led the Student Voice in the InclusioNado steering committee, an organization giving voice to Coronado students and families promoting tolerance and anti-bullying in schools and in the community. Her passion and commitment with the Coronado Democratic Club’s (CDC) Equal Justice Committee was immediately recognized, and she was invited to join and has participated in the Strategic Planning Committee for the past year.

Marely is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico. Together with her husband Keith and their ten-year-old daughter Keanna, they have called Coronado home for ten years.

Building on the strong foundation that exists in the Coronado Democratic Club, Marely believes that our shared values of diversity, inclusion, tolerance and informed analysis can be focused to help connect our Club to our wider community, expanding our impact to show our respect, love and support for all Coronado visitors and residents.

Bill Seager for Vice-President

Bill was raised in Burbank, CA. He received his B.S. in Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley, and his M.A. in Education Administration from National University.

He started teaching at Coronado High School (CHS) in 1975. Bill taught mostly at the high school level, but also at the elementary school, middle school, and continuation high school, and he was the summer school principal. He served on two school boards: Coronado Unified School District and Island Charter School.  He was a classroom volunteer and has been the assistant baseball coach at CHS since 1995.

Bill has been married to Jean Seager for 52 years. They have two children and six grandchildren.

A member of the Coronado Democratic Club for more than 20 years, Bill became more active when Bush beat Gore. He walked precincts for Obama in Nevada in 2008, and has been a valuable member of our club’s GO Team, By-Laws Committee and Nominating Committee.

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