President’s Message 1.22

Critical Year for Democracy 

Political seers predict that November 8, 2022, could be a turning point for the future of our democracy. It could be a red tsunami that obliterates our approach to a more just and moral nation. So what are we going to do? Stand on the beach and watch it coming? Run for higher ground? Turn off the news and ignore current events? Tempting as these responses may be, it is now time to stand and fight for democracy. 

Democracy on the Line

Republicans have consistently subverted the will of the majority. January 6, 2021, Insurrection Day, makes it clear that many are ready to violently interfere with the orderly transfer of power, which is the hallmark of a democracy. On January 17, 2022, the nation celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday. On January 19, 2022, Republicans celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday by blocking two landmark voting bills, joined by two Democrats. We rage about Dem Senators Manchin and Sinema because we feel betrayed. We should be focusing on the 50 Republican Senators in the 117th Congress whose goal is to make Biden a failed President, at the expense of the welfare of the people of this nation, while collecting their paychecks for being obstructionists and for doing nothing productive.       

We see voter suppression laws in Republican states that are racist and anti-democratic. How is it justifiable when people of color are forced to stand in line for 8 hours to vote while there are no lines in White districts? Republican gerrymandering is making it difficult for the people’s will to be heard via the voting booth. “What are Republicans for? …Name me one thing they’re for.” President Joe Biden, January 19, 2022. How about Republicans are for tax breaks for the rich, submission to a blatantly immoral party leader, refusal to be bipartisan, commitment to blocking any bill that might make Biden look good, and commitment to being in power regardless of the means necessary, including insurrection? When Obama was elected, the Republicans announced that their goal was to make his presidency a failure. They have the same goal with Biden as they would with any Democrat, the welfare of the people be damned. Republicans are roadblocks on the road to justice and are working to prevent the moral arc from bending toward it.    

Martin Luther King, Jr. 

How would Martin Luther King, Jr. react to the January 6, 2021  insurrection videos? In 1963, he helped lead 200,000 people in a peaceful, non-violent march on D.C. supporting voting rights and equality. The protesters came with significant grievances but did not come with weapons. They did not attack, injure or kill police officers, threaten to hang the Vice President, kill the Speaker of the House, vandalize the Capitol building, carry the traitor rebel flag, break windows, defecate in its halls, or hurt anyone. 

On January 6, 2021, a mob of 2000 – 2500 violently attacked police officers, vandalized our capitol building, and tried to subvert a fair election.  What a contrast in values.   

Dr. King was assassinated 54 years ago. Equal rights, including voting rights for people of color, are still at issue. Dr. King said, “The moral arc of the universe is long but bends toward justice.”  Did he mean that we didn’t have to work to make it bend? That justice is inevitable? His whole life says the opposite. He worked hard his entire life for justice. He would be saddened to know that some of us who are fortunate enough to live in a democracy are willing to throw it away. Perhaps Dr. King would amend his thoughts and say that “the moral arc of the universe is long and will bend toward justice if those of good moral character work to make it happen.” 

A man of faith, he saw the universe in terms of morality. His “Letter from the Birmingham jail” is a study of determination in the face of significant obstacles. For all like Dr. King, the road to a “moral universe” is long and winding with unexpected potholes, sharp turns, too many bends, and is even threatened by landslides, tsunamis, and avalanches. Detours to “safely” may be tempting, but we must keep doing the work and stay on the road.    

The Arc of the Moral Universe 

A “moral universe” is a world of justice, a goal, a future. But it is not inevitable. We must choose to be moral in a neutral universe. We can choose to care about others or ourselves. We can work to create a fairer world, or we can enjoy our blessings and ignore the plight of our neighbors. We can ignore mask regulations and refuse to get vaccinated. We can choose to value our own “freedoms” over the health and welfare of others. We like to think that the “moral universe” arc is bending toward justice inevitably. If it is, it’s sure taking its time.  

How can we help?  

Renew your club membership (  

Club communications will alert you to volunteer opportunities, offer opportunities to join the fight, and will help keep you informed regarding political news. The company of like-minded people helps give us the strength to continue the fight.  

Attend the Go team training on March 12 and other volunteer training – learn how to canvass how to get out the vote safely.  

Volunteer to work on local, state, and national campaigns; volunteer to poll watch or be a poll worker.  

Support Dem candidates and values: vote Blue in ’22. Put up campaign signs and encourage your neighbors to do likewise. Write letters of support to the print and digital media.  

Attend political events, club meetings, podcasts, and forums to learn about the issues.  

Read or re-read “Letter from the Birmingham Jail,” Dr. M.L. King, April 16, 1963, for inspiration to keep on the road to justice. 

Commit yourself to fight for justice. Get involved, don’t be a bystander. 2022 is not the year to sit back- this is the year to get to work. 

Organize, don’t agonize. In 2022, focus on POLITICS. Let’s join together to help bend that arc. 

In solidarity, 


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