Ever since the election Republicans have told me and my fellow Democrats to “get over it”. Trump was elected President and Democrats should just stop whining. A Republican friend of mine recently wrote in our local newspaper that when a new captain is assigned a ship, the crew does everything to help steer the ship and assist the new captain. That is a nice metaphor.

In January 2009 a new captain was sworn into office. I do not recall Republicans working with this new captain. In fact the leading Republican in the Senate publicly announced that his goal was to obstruct him and make him a one-term President. They became the party of NO. Every measure required sixty votes, even those that Republicans had previously supported. During President Obama’s term, the filibuster was used a record number of times. Appointments to agencies and the federal bench were delayed and some never filled. No previous President had ever been treated with such disrespect.

Do you recall the attempt to delegitimize President Obama? Rumors were rampant that he was a closet Muslim. And who can forget the assault on his citizenship. Claims were made that President Obama was born not in Hawaii but in Africa. This became known as the Birther Movement. Who was the leader of that movement and pushed it for years? Oh yes, he is now the Groper–In–Chief. Even today more than 40% (that’s 4 out of 10) of registered Republicans believe President Obama was born in Africa. How is that for alternative facts?

It’s interesting, my friend who now wants us all to support this new President in the interest of the country did not write one article castigating Republicans for not supporting the new captain elected in 2008. In fact, he was in favor of the tactics of the party of NO.

How do we as Democrats react to all of this? I do not think we should adopt the policies of the party of NO. We should not oppose everything just because it’s a Republicans proposal. We should support policies that help the average American and oppose those policies that are designed to benefit the the 1% and hurt the average citizen.

Ron Mandelbaum

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