RonMandelbaumAs I write this article during the second week of August, things are looking pretty good for Hillary Clinton. Of course, it is a long time between now and the November election.  We  cannot allow ourselves to become complacent, because in this crazy election cycle anything can happen.

Hillary Clinton will  win California. However, we  cannot forget  there are other  down  ballot races which are extremely important and require our attention  and work.  Coronado is in a  Congressional  swing district, which  is  currently  fairly  evenly  divided between Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It is imperative that  we  do  everything  possible  to  re-elect our Democratic Congressman Scott Peters. We  also have to  make sure our candidates, Todd Gloria  for Assembly and Toni Atkins for the California Senate are elected as well.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will read about the GO Team, which is chaired by our own Tom Bernitt. Please consider walking precincts this fall.  You only visit registered Democrats so the encounters are usually very pleasant. This personal contact has proven to be very effective in both educating the electorate and many times it  is just  the  thing to get them to the polls. Please  consider  joining  the  GO Team. We need all the help we can get and our candidates need your support.

Although it is predicted that Hillary will win California she will have a harder time in the swing states. Later this fall there will be phone banks set up to call residents in states such as Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  etc. These calls are exceedingly important.  Again remember, you will be calling fellow Democrats. Don’t be shy, please help us ensure Hillary’s victory.

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