The Coronado Democratic Club proudly sponsors a wide variety of events throughout the year.  Whether you are attending an event to hear the views of local congressional candidates, socialize with fellow members, or learn about how you can contribute to the agenda of the local and/or national democratic party, our events always foster an environment of learning and community stewardship.

2 thoughts on “Events

    • Hi Lou, or next event will be on Wednesday November 16 at 7pm in the Winn Room at the Coronado Library.

      This meeting comes a few days after the end of a long, arduous and somewhat surreal presidential election year. To help us better understand the election results and their future ramifications, we are delighted to have as our guest speaker Dr. Carl Luna, Professor of Political Science at San Diego Mesa College and Visiting Professor at the University of San Diego. Dr. Luna is well-known in the community as a local television pundit on election nights, and we will enjoy his keen insight and sense of humor as he discusses the election outcome, from the presidential contest down to local offices and some of those controversial propositions that appeared on the ballot this time.

      We look forward to seeing you there, on Wednesday, November 16 at 7:00 PM.


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