One Wednesday each month new citizens are sworn in at a naturalization ceremony held downtown at Golden Hall. Following the naturalization ceremony volunteers register these new citizens to vote.

Volunteers are needed to assist the core group of dedicated volunteers who supervise this process.  If you are familiar with the voter registration form, then plan to be there at 10:15. For new volunteers a tutorial on the form and procedure will take place at 10:00am. The schedule is: 

June 19  (morning and afternoon, 10:15-2:30 and 2:15-4:30)

July 10  (morning and afternoon, 10:15-12:30 and 2:15-4:30)

You can help register on any of the above days or times.

Where:  3rd Ave. and B Street, in the Civic Theater Plaza, adjacent to Golden Hall. 

Horton Plaza, which is two blocks away from the Civic Theater Plaza, will validate for 3 hours of parking, no purchase necessary.  The validation machine is located on the first floor of Macy’s on a counter in the shoe department. Parking ticket can be validated before or after the voter registration. I think you need to arrive at Horton Plaza after 9:30. Please check to see if this is still available.

You don’t need to bring anything other than comfortable shoes, a light sweater or jacket, a hat and your enthusiasm. There is no storage space for backpacks or purses.  Bring water if desired. 

Contact Mercy Mandelbaum for information or 619 435-1911

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