international-coastal-cleanup-dayEnthusiastic, civic-minded Democrats with good eyesight and walking skills will meet at about, sorta, kinda, around, approximately, 9:00 AM on September 17th at the main lifeguard tower on the beach (it’s the tall one) at 919 Ocean Blvd.  Purpose is to clean OUR beach for the annual I Love a Clean San Diego Beach Clean-up.  There is no set amount of time you need to do this. So, join us for half an hour, an hour, an hour and a half or  whatever.  The “I Love a Clean San Diego” folks will not throw you in volunteer jail if you cut out early.  One cigarette butt picked up could make all the difference.  Join us and feel good for the rest of the day, including  the time you come to the Democratic Club Meeting at the Winn Room at 11:00 AM that same day.  No need to register, as I have taken the liberty of signing up the entire Coronado Dem Club.  Just sign the waiver available below and bring it to the lifeguard tower with a smile and some sunscreen.

Download English waiver here.

– Tom Bernitt

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