It’s a well-known fact that Democrats are for doing, and Republicans are for trumping, right?  Well, here’s your chance to show your true colors by doing a beach cleanup at our very own Coronado Beach.  While the Donald flies to Iowa to eat chicken-fried Joni Ernst hog-bellies, you can stroll, drive, run or fly to the Nado beach and participate in the 31st Annual Coastal Cleanup Day.

Where: Near the Lifeguard Station off Ocean Blvd

When: September 19th

What time: 9 – Noon (but you can stay as long as you want).

What to bring: Nothing but a smile and a signed waiver (but your own bucket and gloves would be nice). Download WAIVER here.

What to say: You’re a volunteer for the Coronado Democratic Club

And if we get enough to gaggle, we’ll even take a photo and send it to the Eagle-Journal and Trump, Inc. See you there!
Tom Bernitt  921-7224

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