Special Committees

The Coronado Democratic Club Special Committees comprise of volunteers within the club. If you wish to volunteer for any of the Special Committees, please reach out to the committee chairs listed below.

Our distinguished volunteer committee leaders:

Committee Chairs:
Membership: Tom Bernitt – coronadodems.membership@gmail.com
Program: Brian Trotier – brian.trotier1@gmail.com
Hospitality: Jenna McIntosh – mikeandjenna@ymail.com
Legislative: Alexia Palacios-Peters – alexiap1231@gmail.com
Newsletter: Laura Wilkinson – laurawilkinson@mindspring.com
Go Team: Frank King – franking48@gmail.com
Technology/Outreach: Laura Wilkinson – laurawilkinson@mindspring.com
Scholarship: Patty Flores Charter – patti.flores.charter@gmail.com

Special Committees:
Strategic Planning: Judy Bambace & Gail Bardin – jmbambace@aol.com – gail.bardin@me.com

Digital Specialist
Anna Webb – communications@coronadodemocrats.com

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