It’s 2020 and time to get to work writing letters to a Super State. By starting early, we can beat Trump and the GOP and set up our country for a decade of sound policies. Swing Left has been honing its Super State strategy and Vote Forward has new data driven effective letters. 

Our next session is on Sunday, January 19th, from 3pm-5pm, at 605 First Street, Coronado. We’ll write letters followed by food, drinks and conviviality.  

Mark your calendars for the next 2 letter writing sessions, Sundays, 3pm-5pm at 605 First Street, Coronado. 

  • February 23, 2020
  • March 29, 2020

If you can, please bring 20 stamps. If you forget, no worries, we’ll still have plenty for everyone. 

Please let me know if you’re coming and friends you’re bringing so we’ll have enough tables set up and food. RSVP to Email: or call (626) 893-9109.

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