This year’s Coronado 4thof July Parade’s theme is “The American Dream”. Every year our Democratic Club marches in our parade!  You are invited to march with us as we represent our club and the values and ideals of our party. As we move into the 2020 election year, it is critical that we all participate in the parade, precinct walking, and phone banking as we GET OUT THE VOTE! The first step is the parade.

Patti Flores-Charter will be sending out information about our participation in the parade. We will have decorations for bikes, cars, and people walking. We also have cars for those who need them. Watch your email for details and to RSVP.

Below you will see the announcement that will be made at each announcers booth along the parade route:

The Coronado Democratic Club is proud to participate in honoring and celebrating our country’s birth. Our Democratic Club supports our military, public schools, equality of all people, religious freedom, and our constitution. The Democratic Club continues to do its part to preserve and respect our natural resources and environment. We promote civility and social justice for all. The Democratic Club shares your love of our country and the freedoms we stand for.

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