The Power of Impact

Hello Fellow Democrats,

Last month, our club once again participated in the annual Council of Clubs – Club of The Year Award. Self-nominations and nominations for other clubs were open to all county-chartered clubs. The evaluation included areas that demonstrated involvement, outreach, and impact.

Our ten-minute presentation summarized passion and commitment in defending democracy in our community, emphasizing key efforts and accomplishments in 2022. We congratulate San Diego Dems for Equality for their hard work throughout the county and for winning Club of the Year!

Next year, instead of one general grouping, the award will have three separate club categories: Academic, Geographic, and Affiliation. In the meantime, we celebrate the power of impact by motivating clubs around the county to reshape their strategies to dismantle disinformation and support democracy for all! (See the laudatory comments below that our club received.)

Also, March is Women’s History Month. A shoutout to all the impactful women in our club now and throughout the decades.

Onward Stronger in 2023!

Marely Ramirez

“Thank you for running for club of the year, you did an amazing job.

Dear Coronado Democratic Club,

Thank you for running for club of the year. While another club will be receiving the honor, you won many admirers and made a very strong showing. I personally am incredibly impressed by the efforts, leadership and record of success your club has had in Coronado. Your presentation was well done and very impressive. I encourage you to keep up the good work.

Thank you for all that you have done for our party and the Democrats of Coronado.”

Cynara Velazquez
Director of Council of Clubs”


“Thank you and Congratulations!!

 Hi Marely,
I wanted to reach out to thank you and congratulate you on a great presentation today at Council of Clubs. Please let me know if there’s anything I, or San Diego Democrats for Equality, can do to best assist you with anything.
We sent an email to our members highlighting the amazing work that Coronado Dems and the Poway Democratic Club achieved and contributed to this year.

Happy to work with you and share ideas moving forward!

Thank you again 🙂
Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his)
San Diego Democrats for Equality

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