keep-calm-and-vote-democratic-28The ballot measures for the upcoming election can be quite daunting. When I am not sure of my choice, I like to see who is supporting or not supporting the measure.

Listed below are the state and county ballot measures and the recommendations of The San Diego County Democratic Party. I have also checked out the recommendations of the League Of Women’s Voters. Mostly, both organizations agree on their recommendations. I will point out where they disagree.

51.  Yes
52.  Yes —LWV – no position
53.  No —LWV – no position
54   No —– LWV recommends Yes
55.  Yes
56.  Yes —LWV are neutral
57.  Yes
58.  Yes
59.  Yes —-LWV recommends No
60.  NO —-LWV – no position
61.  NO position from both groups
62.  Yes
63.  Yes
64.  Yes—LWV – no position
65.  No position.  LWV recommends No
66.  No
67.  Yes

If any of you have any questions about any voter issue, please call me at (619) 435-1911 – Ron

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