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Thank you so much joining the Coronado Democratic Club. Along with more than 250 like-minded members, we are working to support democratic values and principles. We appreciate your interest in Club activities, and you can also help us by disseminating our message to friends in the community and elsewhere.

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February 2024 Newsletter

President's Message
Thank You for Your Collaboration! 

Greetings Patriotic Club Members, 

As our strategic planning committee begins to prepare our 2024 roadmap, I realize how fortunate we are to have dedicated volunteers who find joy and satisfaction in team collaboration!

 Congratulations and Thank You! 

  • Programs Committee – For selecting fantastic speakers! Last month was no exception, the topic of How to Talk Politics had the Winn Room almost at capacity. The topic drew interest from club members, Republicans and Independents. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording from our website. 
  • Membership Committee – For all your creative plans to reach out to everyone on your lists!
  • Communications Committee – Thank you for promoting events via social media, local newspapers. And for promptly responding to all “Contact Us” requests. 
  • Public Policy Committee –For understanding that knowledge is power and action strengthens democracy! The nine focus areas are of phenomenal impact in our community and the region.
  • Hospitality Committee – For kindly welcoming attendees at all our events. Having yummy treats and refreshments always makes socializing more fun!
  • Scholarship Committee – For your commitment to select outstanding students who will benefit from our two Southwestern College scholarships.  
  • GO Team – For recognizing that talking to our democratic neighbors will win votes in a critical 2024!
  • Our Webmaster – I want to thank our relatively new webmaster, Kathy Upton, although under contract, is always in search of effective ways to present and track club information. Her decades of experience have taken our online presence to another level. 

And finally – Thank You Donors! Keeping up with our growing membership takes the time and effort from our wonderful volunteers – but it also takes money. Thus far, thanks to the generous donations by a few of our members, we have made meaningful accomplishments. If you cannot volunteer at this moment, you can make a difference by making a financial contribution to the club to afford our webmaster’s work and the collaboration that flows via our website. Please consider making a donation to keep our club strong and moving forward.


Marely Ramirez
Club President
[email protected]


On a monthly basis, the Coronado Democratic Club produces a newsletter to communicate club business, current events, and upcoming club activities.  All newsletters are emailed to club members. This is in effort to reduce our carbon footprint as well as save the club the costly expense of mailing out physical copies via USPS.

NOTE: if your have NOT been receiving the newsletter from Constant Contact in your email,
there could be a typo in your email address in our database or some other issue causing it!

Please contact us: [email protected].

Click Here to View and Download the Current List of Your Representatives

Participate in the political life of our nation, state, county, city or school district by reaching out to your elected officials.

Make your voice heard on issues
of importance to you.

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General Meetings

Please join us for our next general meeting.
Information about the time, place and program is on our Home Page!  

Take Action

Stop the Sewage!

Impassioned citizens and leaders of Coronado and Imperial Beach gathered at Central Beach on Friday, September 1, 2023, to call for a State of Emergency Declaration regarding the cross border sewage crisis affecting our ocean and beaches.

DEMAND clean, safe sewage-free beaches and water for our kids, our Navy Seals, our First Responders, visitors, and ocean life. We are DONE with promises and demand immediate action from Governor Newsom NOW. 

Read more about this important movement here: Stop the Sewage.


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